What is the hardest part of communication?

Before we get into the main thought I want you to pause for a moment and think about what is the hardest part of communication for you.  Where do you tend to get stuck?  What causes you to be triggered into a survival instinct (fight, flight, or freeze)?  With that in mind I will share what I read today.

Today I read a blog post by Corey at Simple Marriage (I recommend you check out his site).  I refer many people to his site and posts.  Today the quote that stood out to me that gets at the essence of communication is this:


“Communication is about handling what the other person thinks and feels.”  

– Corey @ Simple Marriage

This jumped off the page for me.  I thought he nailed it.  This is when I tend to react or shut down.  I’ve grown in my ability to listen to my wife (for instance).  So, if she shares a different point of view, I am decent at handling this message.  Where I tend to get triggered is when I perceive her “getting me wrong.”  That is when I can react from a survival instinct, rather than staying in the conversation to hear  her out fully.

When I am able to handle the message the other person is sending then we can truly meet as two people.  Our relationship can grow and we can move forward together.

In future posts I will share what I do to grow in handling the message.

Awareness is the first thing needed to change any habit.

Did you grow in awareness of where people can get stuck in their communication?

[I’d love to continue this conversation below in the comments.]

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