God’s Principles and Presence

Gods Principles and Presence

Lake Mountain snow

For most of my life of following Christ I have learned the principles of God.   And I am very grateful for this.  I remember in high school my small group leader encouraged us to read Proverbs and Psalms.  That was a very meaningful and powerful experience that set the stage for my desire for wisdom.  During this portion of my life I was drawn to knowing and understanding God’s principles from His word.

In the last number of years I have grown in venture into God’s presence.   This desire to become more aware of and acquainted with God’s presence was always there.   I did not realize or recognize that his presence could actually guide me and leave me and shape me and give me concrete wisdom in the details of my life.

I have known and believe to this day that the Lord is my shepherd and I have everything I need (Psalm 23).  In recent days I have been actually acting as if that was true in my present reality.  That I could follow the lead of His spirit and he would provide for me and guide me like the shepherd He is.

As I become aware of God’s presence I see how his Spirit highlights or holds up different principles in his kingdom at different times in different ways.  It is in the standing before Him in His community with open hands and an open heart that I have begun to trust in each moment that I can learn how to follow the lead of the Spirit.

It is becoming clearer to me that I want to spend the rest of my life with people who want to follow the presence of God wherever He leads.   And, I really want to grow in this way of trusting the shepherd to lead me each moment so that I become the kind of person who does this naturally.  And, to do this so that my children grow up seeing their parents trusting and following the lead of the Spirit so that it becomes second nature to them.  It is my desire to bless them to live in such a way.

* (Note: This was written late Sunday night.  I sensed the Spirit desired for me to write it and post it as it is rather than doing my “better get it perfect before I post it” type of thing.  I am learning to act, reflect, and learn.)

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