42 is the answer, what is the question?

Today I turn 42 and share this clip as a way of introducing the value of questions.

“Only when you know the question will you know what the answer means.”

I have not read nor seen the entire movie, but I am familiar with the sci-fi movie Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and the #42.  I love this clip because it gets at the importance of what we are seeking.  This past year I’ve become aware of how important our desires are in terms of becoming the kind of people who can live the abundant life.  The questions we are living reveal our deepest desires. Lining up our desires with the best vision for our life gives us great freedom.

I encourage you to pause, step back and consider the questions that you are asking yourself.  Often we are living with questions that unaware of and I think when we become aware we can change in the direction of Love, if that is something you desire.

There are 4 Questions that Dallas Willard talks about as the 4 great questions of life.  I love these questions.  At first glance they might seem very simple, but I think if you take them to heart they can help you reflect on what is truly important to you.  I believe that if you took 3 or more minutes and honestly reflected on these questions and shared with a friend your reflections you would begin to see some amazing changes take place.  What are the questions you are living with?

Jesus’ Answers to the Four Great Questions of Life

1. What is reality? God and his kingdom.
2. Who is blessed? (Who has the good life?)  Anyone who is alive in God’s kingdom.
3. Who is a really good person? Those who are pervaded with agape love.
4. How do you become a really good person? Apprentice yourself to Jesus.

I begin this year asking Jesus what area he desires me to focus on this year.  Instead of New Year’s resolutions I wanted to ask Jesus where I should focus my energy.  Here are a few areas.

Walking in the Spirit

How about you?

Some random thoughts and thanks.

When I think of 42 I am reminded of Cameron Lee’s photo blog.

It is interesting to me that the Spirit was leading my friend Benjamin Robinson in similar way as myself ~ growing in being Spirit-led.  Thank you for your modeling and inspiration my friend.

And, thank you always to my friend and mentor, Edward Santana-Grace, for continually conversing with me about how the Mind of Christ can be developed within myself and community.  Thank you!  It is awesome to see how a growing community of people are practicing My Daily Bread as a spiritual discipline.  I’ve seen and tasted the great fruit.  I hope to see others experience the great freedom.  (Notes on God’s Will)

Audio Lectio Divina is coming to YNCC read by yours truly.  🙂

Lectio Divina – John 1:35-39

Lectio Divina is one of my favorite ways to interact with the loving presence of God.  Lectio Divina means Sacred Reading.  I first came across Lectio Divina while in Graduate school.  It is a formational reading and meditating on scripture.  We come to the living word of God with an open heart to hear the Spirit of God speak to our spirit.

There are 4 movements in Lectio Divina.  Read, Meditate, Pray, & Contemplate with moments of silence and listening and being with the presence of God.  In a future post I shall share more about Lectio Divina.  Lets jump in and hear my first recording of Lectio Divina.  I have lead many groups in this process.  This was and is my first reading and recording of Lectio Divina.  I welcome all feedback to make this process better and richer.

John 1 35 – 39 | 1st Lectio Divina

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