What are you waiting for? [Advent]

Advent - blog

Advent means arrival.  The arrival of Immanuel.

Advent is a deliberate set aside time to develop the power of waiting.  Waiting for new life to break through.  For us to anticipate new creation enters into our lives.  We develop an imagination for how the divine and the human interact within one being.  When Jesus enters into our world we are invited into a new way of life with the dance of the sacred and the mundane.

What are you hoping for, waiting for?
Where do you desire new life to enter in your life, your world, your relationships?


2 thoughts on “What are you waiting for? [Advent]

  1. This weekend was all about slowing down and taking in my family and our blessings. It’s as if time was moving in slow motion and all the beauty in my life was crystal clear. I am hoping for this feeling and clarity to continue as the busyness of life returns. I guess I’m waiting for anxiety to fall away so that this truth can be revealed in each moment. Thanks for asking John!

    • Is it possible that the divine can enter each moment?

      Can our anxiety be a wake up call to notice something we’ve been missing? Something we need to notice?

      How can we learn to wait with hopeful expectation while living in the moment?

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